Have you ever come across a YouTube video of an artist you had never heard of, who comes up with a jaw-dropping track out of nowhere? Well DarwinBeats gives you that feeling times infinity.
It's actually quite simple Millions of non-mainstream artists are creating music. A lot of it sucks, and that’s ok. No one cares. But a lot of it is also amazingly amazing. As in, how the hell are these guys not signed to labels and going on million-dollar tours yet? Well that’s because no one KNOWS about them. Making the best music in the world doesn’t mean anyone will hear it, and most of the other platforms are too busy playing top 40 tracks to do anything about it.
That’s where we come in We ONLY play music by indie artists, and all that music is seamlessly curated by the listeners themselves. We track plays, skips, upvotes, downvotes, and other variables in real time to determine which songs kick ass and which ones are vomit. Once you love an artist, never let them go! Tap Follow and you’ll never lose track of them. We’ll let you know when they have new songs, or if they have songs you haven’t heard yet. Pretty soon you’ll have a whole new library of killer artists that none of your friends have heard of yet. Remember, your votes and interactions are what make the artists go up (or down) the charts.
Ok! now you’ve heard enough. Just get the app and let us know if you have any feedback!