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Grammy Award winner St. Vincent launches her first online course

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MasterClass today announced that Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent will be teaching a new class on creativity and songwriting.

The successful singer, songwriter and director is a multiple Grammy Award-winner having launched her musical journey in 2007 with the popular debut album Marry Me.

Since her rise to prominence, Annie Clark has been recognized for her performances that have earned her a host of nominations and awards. Her unique brand of fusing indie, rock, jazz and electronic music has made St. Vincent a distinctive voice on the world stage.

“All you need are ears and ideas and you can make anything happen,” said Annie Clark. “In my MasterClass, I will share with you performance tips, songwriting tips, studio tips and give an inside look into my creative process so you can use your own creativity to move the needle in a more empathetic direction for the world.”

Annie Clark’s MasterClass

Clark’s MasterClass will give members an intimate look into her artistic development, diving into her end-to-end creative process and detailing the evolution that led to finding her voice as St. Vincent. Beginners and non-musicians will enjoy the demystification of popular music as Clark takes members into the studio and gives an inside look at how the songs they love came to be. From breaking down the songwriting process from inception to execution and examining the personal journeys associated with being an artist, Clark highlights the importance of the individual in the creative process. For more advanced songwriters, producers and performers, she provides tips on how to turn creative ideas into finished products, from building a basic home studio to honing their guitar skills and tips for delivering a live performance.

To learn more about Annie Clark’s new MasterClass see her online course here.

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