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Stop Universe Now release new song “Small Things I Treasure”

© Stop Universe Now

Venice’s fast rising alternative rock band Stop Universe Now has revealed their latest song “Small Things I Treasure” which highlights addiction.

Speaking with darwinbeats about the launch of their new song, the band said, “We wrote this song to capture the vibe of what it is like to struggle with sex addiction. We wanted to make the song broad enough so it can be applied to other kinds of addictions too.”

Having started out in the music business following their frustrations with the lack of interesting artists in the genre, the band was formed in March of this year and had the goal of creating their own original style that others could imitate. They’ve also been inspired by historical figures on their musical journey as well as real world events.

For their new track, Stop Universe Now wanted to create a feel good, jovial vibe that listeners can enjoy. “For the chorus, we show a character that has transcended the addiction as a growing experience.”

There is no band in comparison that has come out of Venice in recent years which has led Stop Universe Now to establishing itself within the modern psychedelic rock community.

When highlighting the fanbase, in an interview this week the band said that with live performances there’s a fair bit of enthusiasm and it’s helped them “feel like we are high school bad boys.” They jokingly said, “We also get a lot of hot chicks which helps!”

Stop Universe Now are working on new material and are looking to release a full concept album in the near future combined with photoshoots, accompanying videos – and a festival performance in 2021.

Explore Stop Universe Now’s latest tracks on SoundCloud and Reverbnation. You can also follow their latest updates on Instagram, Facebook or their official website to find out more about their music and recent projects.

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