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Klara Nazzal releasing new EP “Ego Lies” in January with 5 tracks

© Klara Nazzal

Klara Nazzal is about to release her latest EP “Ego Lies” along with 5 new songs later this month as the singer-songwriter sets trends in the alternative pop and R&B genres.

With the successful launch of her previous albums “Bleed” in 2019, and “In The Veins of Azalea,” Nazzal is setting the tone for 2021 with her latest tracks, which take the artist’s creative ambitions and mixes them with sweet and dark sounds to tell a vivid story.

As her fanbase continues to grow, and following on from successful release of single “Snakes” which has had over 250,000 streams on Spotify alone, Nazzal is preparing to alleviate listeners with a her own artistic vision, showing how she has evolved over the past year – sharing her own deep reflections of the world today.

Through her self-confidence and passion for music as a true means of artistic expression, Klara Nazzal as an upcoming singer has a unique sense of style. With her outspoken lyrics and powerful ballads, she’s able to exude a kind of confidence that so many young woman yearn for.

Having grown up in Europe and in the Middle East, the singer moved to California to continue her studies in college. And it was there that she discovered her musical tastes, and decided to pursue her music career further. Finding support among her peers for her genre of music, she discovered quickly she had a natural talent for singing.

The singer has also participated in vocal boot camps in Los Angeles with renowned industry veteran Nicholas Cooper, further cementing her work in the music business.

As a young child, Nazzal found a passion for song, and took part in music camps before eventually getting the opportunity to perform solo along with the National Jordanian Symphony for a performance by Declan Galbraith with Queen Noor of Jordan in attendance. The experience gave her the determination to continue exploring her craft, where today she also plays the piano and is a keen guitarist.

We’re excited to see her next EP releasing later this month. “Ego Lies” will be made available on digital platforms January 20.

To learn more about Klara Nazzal, visit her Instagram, YouTube and Deezer channels. You can also play her tracks on Spotify and discover her latest projects on the official website.

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