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Hip hop artist EdThatsMyCup smashes past 50k streams on first single “Heavyweight”

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Daytona Beach native EdThatsMyCup has passed 50k streams on Spotify with first single Heavyweight as his music gains traction in Florida’s hip hop scene and across the U.S. 

The artist has also managed to attain over 500k streams on Spotify for his most recent singles, among them, Heavyweight, which has been getting the traction it deserves as the upcoming artist sets new trends in Florida’s music scene. 

Having skyrocketed up the hip hop charts back in 2020, this year, EdThatsMyCup, whose real name is Edward Robertson, is taking his game to the next level. 

Inspired by the likes of Kid Cudi, J.Cole and Roddy Ricch, EdThatsMyCup was first introduced to hip hop at the age of 8. From then on, he developed a passion for music and started to craft his own beats by the age of 16. 

With music artists vying for recognition in the hip hop space, EdThatsMyCup has set himself apart, with viral song plays on Spotify for a variety of tracks including My Apartment, which gained 180k+ streams after releasing in 2020. 

Among his most critically acclaimed work in the past year includes his recent album “Give Me Space,” which features 6 powerful songs including Dancin’ Wit Tha Devil and Puttin’ On,  achieving viral streams on Spotify. 

The sky’s the limit for the upcoming artist who’s working on his latest sounds for 2021 with a big year ahead of him as he looks to solidify his gains with new beats and hard hitting themes.

To discover the latest insights into EdThatsMyCup, visit the artist’s official website. You can also listen to his music on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.