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Soul and R&B artist WAHB hits all the right notes with his latest track “Live for Today” featuring Rioux V


Artist and music producer WAHB has collaborated with Rioux V on his latest single “Live for Today” that’s getting praise for its melodic qualities and hard hitting lyrics.

With his recent hits including “Dwayne” and “Soul Cry,” WAHB’s new song elevates us with a powerful track voiced by Rioux V, hitting a nerve and earning praise from soul and R&B fans alike since its release this week.

This follows WAHB’s successful collaboration on “Dwayne” with Rioux V, released earlier this year, attaining over 10k plays on Spotify with the music rising up the ranks in the U.S. and internationally. 

With many artists vying for the limelight, WAHB has edged the competition with his creativity, and is setting a high bar for 2021 with a string of new tracks in the works. 

Also collaborating with vocalist Darren Fewins, WAHB has found a core fan base enthusiastic for his soul and R&B tunes, with “Spread the Love” and “I Choose You” among fan favorites. 

And this year, WAHB also revealed a new collaboration with artist Evell in “I’m Home” which cements his move into the R&B genre.

Having signed to Direct Focus Music Group in 2020, WAHB has been working in the studio on his latest material, with his songs being made available for download on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music.

His music video release with Darren Fewins last year for track “Pieces” also shed light on the impact the pandemic has had on people’s lives, taking audiences on a journey as the song showed individuals from different backgrounds, living in rural areas and the city coming together – with powerful lyrics.

The artist also recently launched his new TikTok channel where he’s building a relationship with young audiences, and sharing snippets of his latest singles. 

To learn more about the artist, visit Direct Focus Music Group to see his latest releases. You can also follow his social media accounts to discover his updates. 

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