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Medulla breaks through Seattle hip hop scene following the release of new track “HIBACHI”


It’s been an exciting year so far for breakthrough hip hop artist Medulla, who’s latest track entitled “HIBACHI” earned him his highest track plays since the launch of his debut EP last year. 

Deriving his musical style from personal experiences, and the mindset that we are able to manifest our own destiny, the hip hop artist’s unique lyrics have been inspiring music listeners. The Seattle based artist is also known as “Medulla Tha Deity,” which represents the expression of the artist’s greatest ability to create and manifest life into music. 

With his musical concepts created around true life events, his first studio EP “W.I.X.E.D” which released last year, shared insights into the emotional damage the artist went through. With the lyrics tied to his experiences, he’s also created a unique blend of melodies that evoke strong emotions and share a profound message. 

Having been interested in manifestation, “Medulla” is derived from the idea of embodiment and the belief that people are the masters of their own fate. The artist has been making a big impact with listeners by incorporating this message and helping people to realize their potential, that they can turn dreams into reality. 

His latest track “HIBACHI” encompasses a great 2020, despite what’s been happening in the world. And the song takes a different approach to real life events, that has captivated listeners and made them think about their circumstances in life. 

Empowering listeners to think out the box, the artist creates a wide range of music that reflects changing moods and seasons people go through. 

“None of my songs sound the same because they’re all based on different experiences and learning points that I’ve been through,” reflected Medulla. 

Music video – HIBACHI 

Following the launch of his latest music video on June 18th, the artist has been working on new material that is set to come out later this year. 

To discover the artist’s music, you can check out his tracks on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music. For the latest updates, follow him on Instagram.