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Rapper Deano Died brings new vibe to London’s hip-hop scene with first single “Lighthouse”

© Ben Laing, Cleido “Cleidizzle” K

Rapper, songwriter and singer Deano Died is making his epic debut with new single “Lighthouse” that’s setting new trends in London with its unique blend of trap and hip-hop beats.

Launching his debut into the competitive rap scene, Deano Died’s first single is hitting all the right notes with its melodic sound and emotionally infused lyrics that brings listeners on a journey through a toxic relationship. Evoking his new musical style from his personal experiences, Deano Died is confidently bring his sound to the streets of London as he builds momentum for his first album.

“Lighthouse” has already turned heads in the industry as it combines different musical inspirations together into a new kind of sound that’s powerful and gets listeners into a trance. Revealing a music video for the track over the weekend, Died found inspiration from artists including Juice WRLD and is challenging existing musical stereotypes.

Collaborating with Jmak Beatz on his first single, Died has been building his personal style over the past year since starting his musical journey at the height of the pandemic. With big changes taking place everywhere, Died is capturing the heart of listeners as he yields a sound that evokes strong emotions.

Thanks to his musical capabilities, Died has an exciting lineup of projects in the works for the rest of 2021, with his new single providing the artist with a powerful platform to inspire listeners.

“Lighthouse” brings Died’s personal experience of a tragic break-up to the forefront, depicting the realities of toxic relationships that so many people go through. As his first single, “Lighthouse” brought together inspiring musical talents to produce a powerful debut song. With original beats produced by Ross Gossage, recording and production by Anuk Tilakumara along with the talented Jean-Baptise “Jmak Beatz” Makolo who mastered the track, the sky’s the limit for Deano Died.

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