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Polish music composer BATME to release second single “Someone to Lead” today

BATME music artist
© BATME Records

BATME, the stage name of Polish electronic music composer and producer Piotr Szwach, is set to release his second single “Someone to Lead” on April 10, 2023. The new track, produced under his own label, showcases BATME’s innovative approach to production and features a distinctive blend of electronic music, ambient, and future bass.

The song is inspired by the idea of finding a reliable partner to lead the way, with a deep bass that drives the track and provides a unique sonic experience. Drawing from his classical music training and influences such as Flume and Bass Astral x Igo, BATME continues to push the boundaries of electronic music.

After the success of his debut single “Say Something”, which received over 3,000 streams, BATME’s creativity has been fueled, and he is committed to creating innovative music. Prior to his solo career, BATME composed music for films, documentaries, and video games for 17 years.

“Someone to Lead” has already received positive feedback from industry insiders, with praise for BATME’s production techniques and sound palette. Fans can expect a music video for the single to be released within a month of its release.