How brands can leverage content experiences to grow their sales with music fans

How brands can leverage content experiences to grow their sales with music fans


It’s no secret that the business model of the music industry has been changing for several years. But with that comes new opportunities and revenue streams brands should be leveraging.

With platforms like Triller and TikTok becoming increasingly important in the music consumption space, brands have to consider more closely how they deliver content experiences to grow their sales. For companies that create tech products in the music business, learning about the attention curve on these platforms and understanding user habits is just one part of the process. But how can a brand define itself on these highly disruptive and emerging platforms?

Over the past several years we’ve seen the rise of social media influencers who have made a name for themselves and built brand loyalty. For businesses that want to leverage that loyalty, partnering with influencers is a key component of getting their products out into the marketplace through ‘brand ambassadors’ that can speak for them. But it’s not just about influencer relationships that drive sales.

Content experiences from music videos to commercials all play a role in building sales but brands need to leverage this further by implementing a strategy to tap into these various channels, and scaling those efforts. Leveraging both PR, marketing and digital distribution, brands in 2020 have a lot places they can go to in order to build sales funnels and equity for their future products. But they have to consider the ‘experience’ because ultimately fans will only convert into sales if there is a tangible relationship being built, that they genuinely care, and want those products. It is therefore crucial for brands to get savvy on their relationship with end users, who are becoming more attuned to marketing and advertising.

This means going the extra mile to stand out and to look out for their customers, creating initiatives and doing good. All of these components can help to build not only a content experience that is memorable, but a brand experience that creates loyalty. Companies that get this balance right, have so much to gain.

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