The making of a successful brand and influencer partnership

The making of a successful brand and influencer partnership


When it comes to brands and influencer partnerships, it’s often the small things that get overlooked which can lead to a mismatch. Therefore there are a number of steps a brand should take before they decide which influencer to partner with.

One of the important factors is engagement. Brands can often fall upon an influencer with a large following, but that doesn’t mean there’s a strong community connection. Often times, artists and influencers go through changes, and their fanbases also evolve. What was working 2-3 years ago may no longer have the same impact. Therefore, it’s important to research the influencer from a context of previous campaigns, and what they have been doing in recent times to continue developing that relationship with their fans.

Another factor that makes or breaks a brand partnership is trust and communication. Sometimes management and record labels will fail to capitalize on campaign activity because they haven’t got the time to forge that close relationship with the influencer. Sometimes brands are working with 100s of influencers on campaigns throughout the year, and this can impact the depth of the partnership. There are many opportunities that get overlooked, even with smaller, more niche influencers. It’s therefore important to maintain good communication and points of contact between both teams so that messaging and brand partnership activity can be constructive.

And finally, what can really impact the success of a brand partnership is timing. There are so many events taking place around the world that sometimes, at the last minute, a global development can provide to be catastrophic for a campaign that’s about to launch. It’s therefore important for brands to pay close attention to what’s happening in the industry, what the current news cycle is, and how that could positively or negatively affect upcoming partnership activity.

For breaking news events and global crises, these can often weigh heavily on brand partnership activity. It’s therefore important to keep an eye out on these developments.

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