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Alan Puac aka Mpax sees success on TikTok with 1.5 million engagements for latest song

© Bayron Puac

Music producer Alan Puac who goes by the name of Mpax has seen one of his latest songs go viral on TikTok with top influencers including the track in their newest video creations.

The new song titled “Limits the Sky” has been liked and hearted more than 1.5 million times and received more than 16000 shares on the platform. Listed under Mpax, the song was picked up on a video for Truly Beauty and other prominent TikTok stars. In addition, the song has now been included in videos from Food Network, Pop Buzz, Complex and Foundr among others. In addition to its success on TikTok, the music production company, Mpax Productions secured media placements on Netflix including Spencer Confidential & Outer Banks as well as other TV shows and movies.

Mpax Productions, which creates music for different businesses to help them brand their products or services, was founded by Alan Puac, a University of Houston graduate of Guatemalan descent.

“It’s so great to play a part in connecting different people and helping them use their individual talents toward a common goal,” said Mpax. “We must never give up on what we believe in and strive to reach out dreams. Once we understand that – the ‘Limits the Sky.'”

Discover the track here on YouTube.