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VERIVERY discuss their new album and the future of K-pop – Exclusive interview

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VERIVERY have revealed their latest album “FACE US” this month as the popular boy group takes their high energy K-pop vibes to international audiences.

After their successful launch in 2019, the 7-member strong group have been taking their artistry to new heights, featuring in spectacular music videos and performances that have earned them praise among young fans and listeners.

With the release of “FACE US” this month, VERIVERY once again are setting a new standard for their courageous art – promoting a breadth of empathy, a depth of sincerity that is beyond discrimination and prejudice while promoting the values that the group wants fans around the world to embrace.

Discover exclusively on darwinbeats insights into VERIVERY’s newest album and their latest viral music video for hit track “G.B.T.B.”

What messages do you want to share with the fans on your new album and how did you decide on its direction?

VERIVERY: Through this album, we wanted to convey a hopeful message that each person’s identity is alive and connected without alienation or disconnection. And as a group we wanted to overcome it together and move on to a better world, so that we can give hope to teenagers and young people in their twenties who are currently struggling, and feel disconnected.

How do you see K-pop evolving in the coming years?

DONGHEON: K-pop seems to have unlimited growth potential to this day, following the past. I think there will be more K-pop going around the world as well as in Korea.

GYEHYEON: Many singers have already raised and promoted K-pop’s status, so I think K-pop singers’ goals will be expanded and they will grow faster.

Your new music video for G.B.T.B. features spectacular choreography. How did this project come about, and what was it like to work on it?

VERIVERY: The choreographer who worked with our title song, “Thunder” made this choreography. First of all, there’s a lot of unprecedented moves and it’s very difficult. During the production process, we thought a lot about how to express “Go Beyond the Barrier” in the choreography. We think it came out really well. Thank you so much to the teacher who made the choreography.

What kind of concepts do you want to convey through performance and visual art? What do you want people to feel?

DONGHEON: I feel like the whole world is moving slowly these days as if it had stopped. I hope you can feel the energy from watching our performance in your daily life.

HOYOUNG: I believe that we have shown a variety of concepts so far, but I hope the public will know that we can do them well, not just the ones we’ve shown you so far.

MINCHAN: I hope you feel not only ‘handsome’ but also that each individual is charming.

GYEHYEON: I hope you can sympathize with our performances and comfort those who are sick and tired and feel healed by our music.

YEONHO: From now on, I hope many people will think that dancing looks good in any concept, and that our performances and music give us a lot of strength.

YONGSEUNG: I want to do a more hip-hop or gentle performance. I’d like to show you a different kind of dance by showing you a concept and genre that I’ve never shown before. I want to be remembered as a team player that can play all genres.

KANGMIN: I hope you think our performance is cool and raises your energy.

What do you find makes a music video or a performance interesting? How does your creative process work when conceiving your music, and sharing it with the world?

DONGHEON: I think the understanding of music and the singer’s ability to express it are important factors. The production process actually starts with a good inspiration and a story you want to tell.

MINCHAN: I think it’s communication. We talk a lot with the producers and we have our own DIY version, so I think you’ll be able to feel a variety of charms.

GYEHYEON: First of all, music videos can be more immersive with changes in the sound of music, and I think the performance is something that makes the feeling of moving beyond something special.

YEONHO: We make DIY music videos and albums. We are always grateful for the results that we have made and that many people are watching. And I’m working harder to make it better.

YONGSEUNG: There are many things to pay attention to, such as visual beauty and storytelling, but I always pay attention to the inspiration and empathy of the listeners. Because I always believe that fresh inspiration produces fresh results, and I think nothing is as successful as when the public sympathizes with it.

What would be your advice to upcoming music artists that want to follow in your footsteps?

VERIVERY: Many singers have already raised and promoted K-pop’s status, so we think K-pop singers’ goals will be expanded and they will grow faster.

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