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GogolCoin sets its sights on the music business as it aims to disrupt smart home ownership


Technology disruptor GogolCoin is aiming to provide music industry professionals with a new solution for them to manage their smart homes.

Thanks to the development of a cryptocurrency powered app, GogolCoin is about to offer industry disruption through its Digital Smart Homes solution.

The system is built to solve the needs of home owners that have to deal with remotely managing issues related to their property from appliances through to financial contracts and suppliers.

Launching a Digital Wallet, GogolCoin’s early adopters will be able to trade a variety of different cryptocurrencies while simultaneously remotely managing their properties.

For the successful music industry exec or artist that’s frequently traveling, the app aims to make it easy to manage all aspects of home ownership remotely. GogolCoin has also invested heavily in developing its solution to make it easy to manage via a mobile while saving users transaction costs, banking fees and currency transfers.

By giving the homeowner a 360 picture of their home expenses, and their appliances, they can keep tabs on what’s happening while they’re on tour or traveling outside the U.S.

The concept has been in development for several years and the company aims to commercialize its technology having successfully passed its trial phase.

With mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, and its increasing popularity even within the entertainment industry, GogolCoin has seen the opportunity to integrate new digital tech into the smart home, and it’s just the beginning.

For entertainers and the music industry as a whole, we’re just at the beginning of a new phase in technological innovation within the cryptocurrency space. As financial systems adapt and user habits change, smart houses are becoming the next focus for disruption. Being able to manage all aspects of our home from a single application is also proving attractive with the integrated solution of digital currency payments and trading included.

As Blockchain technology becomes used more widely, there’s a clear advantage for those looking at breakthroughs in digital currencies and how they can be integrated into other industries.

For smart home owners, GogolCoin’s new app is just the latest disruption we’re seeing in the emerging crypto-powered space.

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Financial disclaimer: Financial trading and investing in cryptocurrencies including NFTs, coins, tokens as well as other leveraged products is highly risky and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable professional financial advice should be obtained before investing in these assets or the financial markets.