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Hei’An to release debut album to bring progressive metal to audiences around the world

© Hei’An

Progressive metal band Hei’An is gearing up for an exciting year following their announcement they would be starting work on their debut album.

Led by frontman Hei’An (Matic Blagonič), who shares the same name as the band, the members have been creating music behind-the-scenes after entering pre-production on “Imago” that is set for release later in 2022. Singer and songwriter Hei’An is also joined by drummer Gaj Bostič, guitarist Matevž Počič and bassist Peter Smrdel who make up the band’s 4 original members.

From humble beginnings, the band has cemented their unique blend of progressive melodies and guitar riffs with audiences in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana.

With their ensemble coming together for their debut album, the band recently revealed in a post on Instagram they would be heading to the famous Cosmosonic Sudios in the capital to start producing, mixing and remastering their latest music. With the backing of industry veteran Matej Gobec (who’s worked with major acts such as Laibach, Last Day Here and Fishbone), the four-piece are also teaming up with Randy Slaugh to produce orchestrations. Slaugh’s vision in guiding prominent acts such as the Architects, Devin Townsend Project, Intervals, Humanity’s Last Breath and TesseracT puts them in good steed to create some truly profound music.

And the band are not stopping there. To further enhance their new album, they will feature Oelka from Malorshiga with songs being recorded this summer and in the autumn.

So far, the band have captured hearts and minds in their home country with two powerful demo tracks out in the open for people to get a glimpse at what’s to come. And following their launch demos, Hei’An are preparing to share their unique modern and progressive sound with audiences across Eastern Europe and around the world.

To learn more about their latest progress, visit the official YouTube Channel, or find their latest music on Bandcamp. Fans can also follow news updates on Instagram and Facebook to discover more.