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French artist Cap.Cat launches brand new EP “Edie” with techno and hip hop vibes

© Cap.Cat

Indie artist Cap.Cat has revealed his brand new EP “Edie” that blends together a host of genres including techno and hip hop beats.

Originally from the suburbs of Paris, Cap.Cat recently made his debut on the music scene in France with a series of singles that blend a variety of musical tunes together. Having derived inspiration from old school lo-fi aesthetic instrumental tracks, the indie artist has been creating a unique blend of sounds to bring listeners an alternative exploration of musical compositions.

With a background in network engineering, the French artist is focusing his passion on creating music that resonates with audiences through intriguing narratives, atmospheric tones and build ups that get us wanting more. As electronic dance, hip hop and techno continue to dominate the airwaves, artists are looking to create themes that touch on each of these genres.

Home to some of the world’s most renowned pioneers in electronic music, Paris has been at the forefront of the European techno and dance scene for over a decade. With artists and bands like Daft Punk, Justice, Quentin Dupieux and David Guetta having cemented electronic music adoption, a passionate community of indie artists have emerged -bringing bold new themes to generation of audiences around the world.

Cap.Cat’s first EP includes 4 distinctive tracks that touch on his musical influences that go back to his childhood. Exploring different genres within the EP, “Meet,” “my dub,” buddy” and “Edie” bring a variety of styles that create a suspense for listeners seeking an alternative and refreshing mix of tunes.

As the techno and hip hop genres have intermixed over the past decade, artists have been experimenting with instrumental cross-genre tracks to inspire listeners with new ideas and concepts.

Cap.Cat’s first tracks show a compelling style that have already received strong support from the fans in France and around Europe.

What kind of instrumental dance tunes have you been listening to lately? Explore Cap.Cat’s new EP across digital platforms to find out more.