What makes an influencer campaign successful

What makes an influencer campaign successful


Influencers can make or break a campaign depending on a number of factors. With so many brands competing for our short attention spans, it’s vital that influencers and artists forge a close relationship with their audience. Without this engagement, campaigns for brands can end up falling flat.

So how can an influencer make a campaign successful? Depending on what is being promoted, whether its a product or the launch of an event, a campaign needs to achieve several objectives:

1. Stand out as an event in itself. People need to know something is happening, it’s special and it has a wow factor. Without this, audiences will be tuned out.
2. It has to have a hook. A campaign hook is important because it’s what drives people to take action. Artists as well as brands need to think carefully about what the hook is going to be in the campaign.
3. Getting the right message across. It’s vital that the message of the campaign is understood, and it’s simple enough for the audience to get, and quickly. If it gets too complex, people don’t know what they’re looking at, and because of short attention spans, it needs to have an impact as quickly as possible
4. Execution. Many campaigns fail because either the artist, management or the brand were unable to get the content delivered in a way that could create a meaningful uptake. Sometimes this can come down to logistics, timing, bad copywriting, the wrong hook and other factors that weigh down on the success. Therefore, getting as many of these areas finalized and planned with a clear strategy will ensure the campaign has the best chance to make an impact.

To learn more about digital campaigns visit our Publicity hub for more information. Artists interested in being considered for upcoming campaigns can contact our talents team here.

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